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Why do white boys always pull down their pants so we can see their boxers ?
Are they trying to look sexy and tease boys like britney ?
Me being a white boy i can honestly say i have not a clue why they wear them that way but what is the diff between a white boy and a black boy who ware them the same way are they any more sexy and tease boys like,who is this guy named Britney?
If a 7 year old boy pulls down a 5 year old boys pants and plays with his private and the guy didn't want ?
this boy to do this then what is this called?The 7 year old knows better and he acts out a lot,by acting more sexual than most 7 year old.This boy that is 7,parents are divorce and he lives w/his dad.
ok this is just wrong
My son is always touching himself and i caught him and his cousin who also is a boy pulling their pants down a?
boy pulling their pants down and of course freaked out!!! HELP
I would guess normal sexual exploration. BUT if it "freaks you out" maybe you should consult a professional therapist. You know your son better than anyone else, and if you think this behavior is weird (for him) it may well be.
What to do? Found my 6 year old daughter with her pants down around 2 boys.?
My 6 year old daughter was found by her summer day camp leader behind a trailer with her pants and panties pulled down in the presence of two boys her age. She is saying she went behind the trailer with the boys because they asked her too. When back there the boys pulled her pants down. She says they did not touch her or do anything else. How should I handle this besides telling my daughter about not going out of site of the camp leaders and yelling if someone is doing something to her she does not want them to do?
You are on the right track, I would also attempt to talk to the boys parents and see if they know about the issue.
I have a son, and I would want to know if he was doing that so I could teach him that it isn't okay. The boys probably (hopefully) didn't know any better.
Afraid of bullies pulling my pants down?
I'm in middle school and these days the boys from my class started pulling pants down. They did that last year too, but now they started doing that to girls. (They don't succeed though.. but they try. I consider this horrible enough!!) Today they pulled down this boy's underwear as well! And everybody is laughing like it's something very funny! If this happened to me, I'd be traumatized for YEARS!
I'm scared that they will do that to me too, so I just sit outside of the room all day.. what can I do to stop that fear?! I can't always wear a belt (some of my pants don't have places for belts) and I can't tell those boys "Omg please don't do that to me", it's like asking them to do it. Any suggestions? :(
Oh sorry :( Bullies suck. Try wearing only really skinny fit jeans, or just generally tight pants. Or just a good belt, and don't let your guard down, when they're around.
Hope I Helped :) x
How to handle 6yo boy pulling his pants down in school?
My son pulled his pants down last week when a girl asked/dared him to, in class in full view of others. The teacher was a sub and didn't see it but was told by another student what happened. My son was very honest (only good part) about what happened. He got in trouble at home and at school, very appropriate punishments (extra work and missing lunch with his friends). We were very clear that this is unacceptable behavior, and clearly explained over and over why it is not allowed, and he seemed to be contrite and understand what was wrong.

Now, this week, he did it again. He didn't do it like a class clown in front of the class again, but at the lunch table. He pulled them down in front under the table and then told another boy to look under the table (sadly, the same boy who told on him the first time). He got turned in again, and it's much more serious this time. He got sent straight to the Principal's office, and I have a meeting with the guidance counselor and his teacher tomorrow.

Son says he thought it would be funny. I am so upset, embarrassed, disappointed etc etc etc. I don't know how to handle this at home or at school. Any suggestions??
1-a whopping. 2- punishment for two weeks no game boy or video games no tv. NO FUN when you go up to school let them know you will handel it and what ever punishment they seek you will agree to and you will do your part at home. what ever punishment you decided make sure you follow through with it or your son will never take you seriously good luck
What would you do if a 9 year old boy pulls down his pants and wiggles his weiner at you?
His weiner is erect by the way
call the police, thats flashing and a criminal offense also someone needs to find out why the poor guy is acting out that way its could be a sign of him being sexualy abused

When does the doctor tell you to pull down your pants?
im a girl and my guy best friend (12) told me tht his girl doctor tells him to pull down his pants. i was wondering at wat age did he start getting it or u start having the doctor pull ur pants down (boys and girls) becuz my doctor lifted my undies a little and then pulled them a little she was a girl and im a girl too but my guy best friend told him to do tht and i was wondering wat happens when she does tht and wat the doctor does and stuff to guys and girls please thx
After i take her to dinner.
I got my pants pulled down Can it traumatise me psycologically?
When I was in Ninth grade,one boy grabbed my neck till tears came to my eyes and then came from behind and tried to pull my pants down,I quickly pulled my pant back up but he tried to pull my pant down again and again,at that time I was physically weak and could not even think of fighting with him because he was taller and stronger than me,I told my parents,then they complained to the principal and then I changed my school but every school I went some student purposely brought up this incident just to crush me mentally,I felt like I had been raped and dominated by a boy stronger than me and I hated that boy for this and hated all those guys who brought up this incident again and again to bellitle me and crush me mentally,I cannot get over this incident,what should I do,I am scared I may go crazy because the memory and stigma of this incident just doesnt go away,the memoy of that boy pulling my pants down and those guys cruelly laughing at my helplessness,what should I do,how can I move on and forget this traumatic past,please advise me,I will be grateful for your advise because this incident made me violent and ruined my education.
Try Hypnotherapy? Its very relaxing and can help get over bad feelings or thoughts in your subconscious. Or maybe see a therapist? Good luck hun xxx

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