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Pics of teen rooms? (easy points!)?
i just am looking for picture of teenager rooms (girls) that will help inspire me to remodel mine, links are preferred. give me a site that has like a gallery or just links to the pictures, thanks!

choosing best!
I found this really nice page -- I think it'll help you out a lot, it has few pics, but lots of cool ideas.

What are some hairstyles that are easy to maintain for a teen black girl?
short or long hair styles that are easy to keep up with for a black girl i wanna see pics too thx!
a weave is so easy to maintain lol jk
but maybe cornrolls or a cute braid design
or french braids thats so ez
What are some easy, up-do hairstyles for a teen?
Hello. I want some cool up-do hairstyles. I have really curly hair, its brown (brunette) and its a little past shoulder length. Could you please leave some pics, or some tips. Please!
homebeautytips.blogspot.com/2007/… these are some cute hairdos, dey dont have pics bt ive done dem b4 nd dey r cute........ also pull ur hair up in a ponytail and straighten ur bangs, u can also put a hairband on............ it looks adorable!!!!!!
Prettiest Celeb out of these... (pics?) Easy 10pts.?
>> Angelina Jolie?

>>Kirsten Dunst?

>>Anne Hathaway?

>>Jennifer Garner?

>>Amy Adams

>>Reese Witherspoon?

>>Ashley Tisdale?

Who is the prettiest according to you? Who is the worst looking? I'm just bored to be honest, I think they're all pretty..
Rate them?
ok on how pretty they are id say

Kirsten dunst 9

amy adams 8.5

anne hathaway 8

ashley tisdale 8

reese witherspoon 7.5

jennifer garner and agelina jolie 7 each

Is it easy for a middle class teen of wanting to act/finding cast auditions?
Is it easy for a middle class teen like me to audition in casting auditions because I really want to act,it's my dream,later on if I ever succeed more higher, I want to be dubbed "the next Miss Will Smith" since he's my inspiration and made thousand of cool movies which people say is engrossing meaning overly amazing! I finished modeling school 2 years ago and me and my mother still didn't go back up there to do my photo-shoot and get my certificate.I'm mad at her about it but I do understand that she's a hard working mother that spoils me a lot giving me everything I want.I just wish my stupid,ignorant father didn't take me out of taking model pics for Toys'r'us when I was a baby. Now I'm living in the suburbs moved to NJ from NY with my mom and her bf who is very cool and she has a friend/model coach/party designer/host and kept asking me if I want to model in his shows,even his friends and any individuals in the street say I should do modeling,magazines,or something but highschool right now is sooo much to do and a lot of studying.I should of thought this out over the summer but I'm really ready right now,especially thinking about colleges of my junior year and I've finally woken up if you know what I mean.What should I do,is there an easier way to act in something even if it's a lowbudget movie(like the spanish now actress from "Girl Fight"/short episodes , and should I start modeling for my mom's friend in spring?My mom still works in NY so I think that's good and I looove going to broadway/manhattan. I also want to become a spokesperson/broadcaster or television personality host sometimes talk about teen focus and things like the black media and black&hispanic community(ex: Roscy from 106& park/Toccara),can I do both?The best help of advice get points and any idiots that come on here and say "Shake your *** on a hip-hop/rap video,sell my body or prostitute,etc you'll be reported.I'm not ghetto and poor so don't stereotype, please and thank you.
don't lump us as hispanics because we have nothing except mtv tres. Rocsi is black and sucks as a host cuz she used to live in lousianna and she tries to put on a brooklyn accent which is dumb cuz she always sounds like her nose is stuffed up. as for ur class in the financial bracket, that has sh^^ to do with nothing. if you really want to model then do it you have a computer a fone and a willing mother.
Can i get autographs and pics with the celebs at the Teen Choice Awards 08?
I have tickets to the show but i just wanted to know if i can get pictures and autographs too? I know you have to wait to get your spot and all that stuff but since i have tickets to the show do i get like the front (near the rails) when the stars walk down the red carpet? I mean im willing to wait and get my spot but i have an older cousin going with me(as a body guard) and i dont want him to get bored so i was just trying to find an easy way to get pics with the stars without going so early and fighting for a spot near the carpet
LUCKY DUCK!!! U should be able too if u get close enough to a celeb and they're willing to stop!
I need hairdos for school tomarrow, it needs to be easy, im a teen, so in highschool..more info inside?
i am a tteen in highschool, so i want so cute easy hairdos to do my hair in the morning, im blonde and have about 2-3 inchs past the shoulderlength. any ideas would bbe great, pics,or instructions, ect.. THANKYOU,(: (: (:
Hey, Look on youtube, just search "cute easy hairstyle" or something, a lot of girls have helpful videos that you can watch.Same with makeup. =] Hope that helps.
Any ideas what I should do with my hair? (Pics included) Easy ten points.?
So I would like perhaps a picture reference too.
But if you cannot provide one that's fine. Just describe =]

So I was talking to my boyfriend last night and he said I should cut my hair soon. But only to the middle of my shoulder blades (it's approximately 5 inches from my butt right now). And I agreed, because most of that hair is dead anyways.

So I know that I WANT a long style. I just don't know If I should get bangs, how it should be styled, etc.

So that's where you guys come in =]

Picture for length of current hair:

Picture for side of face:

Picture of front of face:

Thank you =]
i think u should dye it blackish brown and get extension since u want a long hair style
What are some cute and easy hairstyles for teen girls?
ok so every school day i spend at least 30 minutes on my hair and stuff. I usually straighten it unless it's not too wavy and crazy. I usually leave it down. When I tie it up in a ponytail I take my side bangs and twist them and pin them up into a bump or watever its called. So here are some ways I style my hair : I scrunch it, ponytail, half up half down, bands pinned up, braid pigtails, or french braid.

I have (natrually highlighted) reddish blondish, brown, medium, shoulder-length hair. with V shape in back. medium layers, and a side bang. I part my hair on my left side. I use the arch of my eyebrow as a guide. :) I need more things to do with my hair. Pics plzz! :)) <3
here are some pic hope you like them!

1. slides.shoppinglifestyle.com/gall…

and heres a video on how to do that:


2. static.thehollywoodgossip.com/fil…

3. i.ytimg.com/vi/DGlRvHuC0XQ/0.jpg

and heres a video on that:


hope i helped!!
How Do you edit these types of Pics?
My sister Has Some Facial Skins Probs and They come out kinda of bad in there Pics I take..What is a Software or Site I can go to too Fix it. Take out red spot and zits ya know the basic Teen stuff...It need to be free of low cost...and easy..
Any ideas..would help alot!
i use photoscape. it's open source. it has a 'clear skin' filter, too, and it seems to work pretty well.


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